virago xv1100 1991 stuck in gear cannot change gear but shif

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virago xv1100 1991 stuck in gear cannot change gear but shif

Непрочитанное сообщение JoeClark » 09 дек 2017, 09:54

i have a virago 1100 that is stuck in gear and the shifter is moving externally with the splined shaft responding to the pedal but cannot get it out of the gear it is in. the clutch appeared to be working as it should. any assistance with where or what to look for would be appreciated. My first thought would be that the linkage is bent or out of adjustment. Possible bent or broken shift lever assembly. I would suggest putting the bike on the center stand, remove the shift linkage and using a pair of vice grips or other locking pliers, try working the shift lever assembly while moving the rear wheel back and forth to see if you can get it out of gear and into neutral.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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