EAT FISH a side event during EAT Stockholm Food ?

EAT FISH a side event during EAT Stockholm Food ?

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With a growing world population, annual supply needed from the aquaculture sector must further surpass that from capture fisheries, reaching 62% in 2030, to maintain current consumption levels per capita. The contribution of aquaculture to food security and nutrition now and in the future is driven by many interactions between several environmental, development, policy and governance issues. In this context, the recently adopted UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Paris Climate Agreement are highly relevant for the aquaculture industry and opens up a number of exciting opportunities for the aquaculture industry on solutions to achieve these ambitious goals. NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster is a world-leading cluster representing 70 industry partners that provide healthy and sustainable seafood to the global community. “Our team goal is to develop innovative business solutions that ensures sustainable growth of the Norwegian Seafood Industry», says General Manager Tania Hoel. The cluster was granted the status “Norwegian Center of Expertise” by the Norwegian Government in 2015 due to its unique global position and its important contribution to Norwegian value creation.

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