How does 4-part harmony work?

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How does 4-part harmony work?

Непрочитанное сообщение JoeClark » 12 дек 2017, 15:34

I've recently become interested in acappella songs and harmonizing, but I lack any music theory training and thus have very little technical knowlege.
For this question, let's assume we have to write or perform a 4-part harmony passage. I'm talking something within the scope of 'normal' Western pop/rock... music (not something avant grade, etc.), and no beat-boxing, singing vocables like oohs and aahs or ad-libbing.

I understand where the first three parts should go: one is the melody, and the other two some type of harmony. That leaves us with the fourth part.

Since singing any other note that is not in the first three parts will result in clashing tones between at least two parts (if I'm not wrong), the only thing that's left is singing octave of either the meoldy or one of the harmony parts. Is that correct?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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