i7 smart bracelet with heart rate monitor

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i7 smart bracelet with heart rate monitor

Непрочитанное сообщение JoeClark » 06 дек 2017, 16:40

The body is sleek and allows for standard 20 mm wristbands to be used. It's thickness is as advertised, 8.4 mm, but the flat cut sides give it thinner look and the heart-rate sensor "bump" is unnoticeable.
Speaking of the heart-rate function, it's not always on, but rather it is a discreet one, at a minimum 10 minute intervals, depending on the activity. If sedentary, then the interval goes to 30 minutes. It is very accurate in measurements (compared with a medical one) and, as seen in Zeroner 3.3.4, it has it's own firmware (though pushes it automatically, simultaneously)The screen responds to both swipes and touches. It has 5 active areas under the glass (2.5D) and it's not "too" sensitive but you'll never miss a command if the whole gesture is done.

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